When you sit down in front of four glasses of wine, you’re tasting them and talking about them at a table with a bunch of people, invariably things become subconscious and you might intellectually say, ‘This is the wine I like best’, but if you look at what you’ve drunk, the glass with the lowest level of wine left in it is the one you really like, isn’t it.

People don’t generally drink the wines they like the least and save the best for last. We might think we can do that easily, but generally we fail. It’s very revealing. In fact, I will open bottle after bottle to find what I like, especially in touring other wine producing countries too. It is about discovering. And, it doesn’t need to be an expensive exercise.

Only then might you find wines from other areas to be surprisingly good, as well as both interesting and different, even though they may not be as good as your favourites. That is to say, if you have any. But, I also know that people get tired of the same thing. Therefore, I wish to encourage you to go out and discover new wines.