The Grand Wines Collection

The South African Wine Index (SAWi) was established with the aim of setting a quality benchmark for South African Wines. The value of SAWi’s multi-year wine performance adjudication process has earned it official recognition as a definitive measure of a given wine’s quality, irrespective of vintage.

Until the introduction of the Index, the quality adjudication of wine depended on annual events, which by their nature present the once-off and subjective opinions of the adjudicators. This not only makes it difficult to track a wine’s performance over time but, more importantly, it prevents meaningful empirical deductions from being made.

SAWi is proud to present the South African ‘Grand Wines Collection’. The GWC represents a little less than 400 of the 8000 South African wines currently available that have consistently achieved the highest acknowledgement from various wine judging panels and respected wine commentators, all over the world. Each ranked wine in the list below has scored a minimum of 93 Index points. As a collective, the GWC sets a unique benchmark for South African wine quality.

See the Grand Wines Collection here.

All SAWi scores and the NWN ranking are determined using SAWi’s unique ‘Algorithm of Excellence’ (AOE). While the utmost care is taken in the preparation of these scores, errors and omissions are possible. Producers are encouraged to inform SAWi of competition and other results at year end.

4 thoughts on “The Grand Wines Collection

    1. Brett Garner Post author

      Thanks Jean Vincent
      I’ve corrected the typo – and apologise for the original oversight.
      Thanks for taking the time to add your comment, and the endorsement.

  1. Janet Marshall

    Thanks for the results
    Very proud of our Hemel en Aarde estates in the Pinot Noir category!

    1. Brett Garner Post author

      Hi Janet
      You have every reason to be proud! In fact, the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley dominated the Awards this year with no less than 34 accolades. It’s a stunning achievement and says a lot about both the Valley and its people. While the Index itself has no bias (it’s what I love about Maths), I’ll confess to being particularly fond of your neck of the woods, and of Pinot Noir. I look forward to sharing a toast with you soon, somewhere along the Hermanus Wine Route.

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