In 2009 SAWI started out by tracking outstanding achievements in fine wine making with its multi-vintage ‘Algorithm of Excellence’. In this long arduous quest, there were no footsteps to follow, so a road was embarked on which no one has pointed to as yet, but SAWi knew that success comes from changes in the way people think. In the process SAWi followed a goal that was definite and clear.
This brought up the result after 8 years culminating in its ‘Grand Wines Collection (GWC).

Those whose wines were taken up in the GWC are the ones that fight the good fight on a daily basis. In the process, they have taken over the custodianship of esprit or guardianship of the wine industry, being the ones putting in the hard yards day by day; and the renewed focus in the industry today is due to their cleverness and sustained vigour in excelling in winemaking.

While sharing in their achievements, one notice a common spirit amongst these performers, with lots of passion, perfection and pride in what they do, inspiring enthusiasm for those that are to follow. Such passion and care is enlightening the industry anew towards a brighter future.

The SAWi concept is a disruptor in the South African wine world which influences things in the space the industry here finds itself onto new brand building opportunities. The new message is about a noble course going forward. This means that the GWC belongs to a hereditary class with high social status; showing fine personal winemaking qualities. Could this be ascribed to some sort of disruption only or is it the start of the 4th revolution in winemaking terms here in SA?

Today, the message to the world out there is that South Africa has arrived in standing their ground amongst the world’s best in fine wine making as represented in the GWC. It is time to take note.