It is always important to look at the type of methodology which is applied in arriving at any particular wine classification.

SAWi went out to develop a methodology that fits the characteristics of luxury brands in particular on which wine buying decisions for top market segments of wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs could be based. For this purpose, only an index system which could provide for multiple features in tracking and measuring multi-vintage wine performances, has proved to have the required features, as no once of event would be able to claim similar status.

Indices provide us with benchmarks, their usefulness is evident in our daily life: from the CPI (Consumer Price Index) to GI (Glycemic Index) to BMI (Body Mass Index) to the Dow Jones Index.

With its own calculation methodology based on a mathematical algorithm (unique set of rules), SAWi developed a system which adds together annual data sets in which the components are averaged and weighted before linking the values automatically for a points score out of 100. This then represents a wine’s general overall multi-vintage quality status.

As such, the SAWi Index provides a condensed capsule of multi-vintage achievements bestowed on a wine. Only accolades above 90 points which are mostly gold status are recognised. The following is a short explanation of the calculation:

There are 8 class points which differ between local and international results. No reviewer scores (from sighted wines) wines are recognised any longer.

In this way, to be included in the SAWi ‘Grand Wines Collection’ (GWC) and cultivar ranking list, a benchmark score of 93 is required,accentuating the pedigree of great achievers.

Tracking the performance of a wine in this way over multi-vintages provides a balanced and objective result. Most importantly, it shows which wines are consistently recognised by a multiple of judging panels for their top achievements.

Since the method is not applied anywhere else in the world, this credible methodology for adjudicating wine quality will certainly change perspectives and create global awareness about the sensational local wines that South Africa produces


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