Wine competitions

SAWi considers international as well as local wine competition results on point scores of 93 and above. Internationally it could in some instances be a gold award, although most golds have scores of 91 only. Then it depends on the caliber of the competition with other criteria dictating.

Most other accolades internationally and local, would have higher point scores with at least double gold or equivalents including trophy accolades. Local gold awards are not recognized.

Given the 10 year multi-vintage roll-over cycle of adjudication (when a new vintage year is added, the very first year is removed), some accolades could have been received any time up to 10 years ago. Therefore, results from some contests may still count although the contest itself may have ended.

No reviewer scores, irrespective of being international or local sources, are not recognized at all.

Due to criteria differences a list of contests are no longer published.